Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good news continues...

Yesterday's follow-up appointment with Dr. Schnarr was even better than expected! Ultrasound results were as follows:

- Baby is growing well; a little on the small side (30% percentile or so) but certainly nothing to be concerned about
- Amniotic fluid level is back up in normal range!
- Cervix is "holding its own", having only effaced an extra .05 cms from the previous week (basically nothing)

I mentioned a mild concern about leaking amniotic fluid (due to some watery discharge I'd had a couple times) but she checked me and confirmed this wasn't happening. Baby has a nice, big pool to swim in :)

In other news, we had our 3rd childbirth class on Wednesday night. This one was really helpful as it went over many different coping techniques / positions for active labour and transition. We ended the class with a video on natural childbirth which brought me to tears. It's very moving to think that WE will be greeting our own little one within several more weeks!!

On Thursday night, we met with Beth again to officially sign the contract designating her as our labour doula, and to work through our birth plan. She had a lot of great questions to guide us, some of which we had already considered thoroughly and knew our answers to, some of which we were still deciding on, and some of which we hadn't yet considered at all! We met for a full 3 hours and had a highly enjoyable time discussing many things pregnancy, birth and baby-related.

All in all, still taking it easy in the short term, relaxing with feet up whenever possible. However, starting to feel confident once more that we'll make it to full term (or very close, at least) and have the birth experience we've envisioned all along :) :)


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