Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back to Triage...

We found ourselves back in Grand River Triage on Tuesday night as I'd been having some signs and symptoms somewhat suggestive of gestational hypertension which Telehealth advised me to get checked out:
  • Blood pressure rising steadily for 3-4 weeks now (from a nice, low 90/58ish a month back to an average of 135/86 on Tuesday night when I tested 3x using a home device)
  • Swelling fingers - had to use olive oil to wrench off my wedding band over the weekend!
  • A weird, brief but fairly intense "headrush" feeling the other day when I was simply sitting at the table using my laptop
Thankfully, the triage visit ended up being relatively short (less than 2 hours) and they sent us home after a few quick tests. My blood pressure tested lower than it did on the home test (126/84), and my urine had just trace amounts of protein, so no real concern here either. Baby's heart beat was nice and steady, usually at about 150-160 bpm. Finally, when the doctor read the monitoring strip, she asked me if I'd been feeling the contractions. What contractions? Apparently I'd had a good 6-7+ braxton hicks while lying there and didn't even realize it! Here's hoping this means the Real Deal will be entirely manageable as well. :)

In other news, the nursery is essentially all set. Bassinet is ready to go (except for the stand which we still need to purchase), cloth diapers and remaining clothing have been laundered and organized, toys have been cleaned and stored and I've found a kitchen cupboard for baby's meal-related accessories. Due to the progress, I rewarded myself with an ENTIRE day of slack yesterday, filled primarily with video game-age and TV. It was quite enjoyable, though today I feel the need to get back on the horse as there are still quite a few errands and tasks to tick off ideally before baby arrives (though at just under 39 weeks, that could happen any day now!!)


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