Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Early labour beginning???

I'm now 9 days overdue (or 12 if we go by the estimate during my first ultrasound) and still no bebe. BUT:
  • I've been having mad Braxton Hicks over the last 2-3 days in particular
  • Had a stretch & sweep at the hospital yesterday (which wasn't as bad as anticipated) and Dr. Schnarr said my cervix has thinned further and is very "ripe"
  • Following the S&S, started having some substantial cramping which came in waves along with my BHs. I thought I might go into full labour last night, but then managed to get basically a full night's sleep and woke up feeling like things were no longer happening. But then when I started moving about, the periodic cramping / BHs started up again. I'm now experiencing them every 10-20 minutes.
Not sure if this is early labour or what! Some people on FB are suggesting it is, but the "cramps" are very manageable (and I wouldn't even call them painful) and others have told me that I'll definitely know it when I'm in labour. So hard to say for sure! But it does seem pretty clear that shit's going down soon - almost certainly before I'll need to be induced on Thursday. Yay!!! :)


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