Saturday, November 6, 2010

The great date debate

Ange and I got together on Wednesday for a lovely "date night" consisting of pedicures and dinner at Springrolls in Conestoga Mall. She's due two weeks after me, however she's been having all kinds of Braxton Hicks as well as actual, painful contractions, plus it's her second pregnancy so we agreed it's somewhat likely she will be the first of us to pop. :) On this note, we made tentative plans for a Christmas shopping trip on Monday, November 15th (in the event I'm overdue, heh). We kinda felt like celebrities all night as well, as people kept telling us how adorable we were. Which I have to agree with, if I do say so myself!

Yesterday I had my latest appointment with Dr. Schnarr. She checked me and proclaimed that I'm 2-3 cms dilated! Wow - wouldn't have suspected that. Very few Braxton Hicks and although I do feel that baby has moved lower, I wouldn't say I have the sensation that I'm going to sit on her head or that she's going to drop out any moment or anything like that. The doctor offered to perform a stretch and sweep to move things along even more quickly, but I declined as a) it appears things are moving along nicely on their own and b) I've heard they can feel quite invasive and painful. If I haven't progressed further by next week's appointment (2 days before due date) I may take her up on this as I *really* don't want to be chemically induced, however I now suspect this will be unlikely and I'll go into labour by or before my due date (so much for the Christmas shopping day!)

In other news, baby's first bed is now all set! Chris and I bought a Jolly Jumper moses basket stand (in cherry) from the Baby Depot. He assembled it right away and put it together with the UPPABaby bassinet. It looks great! Perfect for baby's first month or two, right beside our bed. :)

Today should be fun! Chris' family is coming over for a nursery decoration craft day! He found this idea which looks super-easy to do (something that his 2 1/2 and 5 year old nieces can help with) and results in some great looking, personalized art! Results & pics to come...


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