Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Teeming with #2: Some WONDERFUL news!

During my last preggo update, I mentioned a couple concerns which turned up on my 21-week ultrasound: low-lying placenta and low amniotic fluid.

Well guess what?? I had my follow-up ultrasound today at McMaster University Medical Centre and not one, but BOTH issues have managed to resolve themselves! The fluid is back up within normal levels (as per the maximum vertical pocket method - I was measured at 40mm) and my placenta has managed to, somewhat miraculously, move itself way up to the fundal position (way at the top of my uterus) within two short weeks.

The nurse who debriefed us commented that I was "boringly healthy" as she looked through my history & the results - lolz! I think she was wondering what we were doing there. :)

My midwife will be booking me in for one more "sanity check" ultrasound in two weeks, which will hopefully show that things continue down this super-positive path. In the meantime, what a weight off the shoulders!

Many thanks to everyone for all the positive vibes & well wishes! xxoo

Oh, and one more thing - I should point out that this isn't my first pregnancy during which "complications" turned up which later resolved themselves. While pregnant with S, some less-than-stellar findings were reported on my 31-week ultrasound suggesting there was a reasonable chance I wouldn't go full-term. Thankfully, I was back on track a week later and ended up delivering 10 days over due. :) Clearly our maternal care system errs on the side of caution, which I'm totally on board with, however it can also result in undue stress & anxiety on parents-to-be! So if any of you expectant mamas out there happen to receive some less-than-stellar results yourselves, try not to worry too much until you have further confirmation. While yes, there are certainly real issues that can crop up during pregnancy, it would appear that the system turns up a lot of "false positives" as well. So if you're in this scenario, focus on taking care of yourself and thinking positive. There's a good chance you and your precious li'l monkey will be just fine! :)

Question for my readers - have you ever received some scary news while pregnant and then went on to have a normal, full-term pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby?


  1. With my first son, my 20 week ultrasound showed some lesions on his brain. Super scary! We had a follow up US at 24 weeks. They were gone! He is now 3 years old and quite a handful! We're currently waiting for him to poo a penny from last week :/ and with my second, I had a low lying placenta too, that moved north a few weeks later. He's now a rambunctious 9 month old! I'm glad it all turned out ok for you too!

  2. I'm so glad you got that wonderful news. What a relief!

    I'm grateful that my only concern during pregnancy was that my guy was breech and I really really wanted a home birth, which wouldn't happen if he were breech at the time of delivery. I underwent chiropractic treatment and he flipped in time to proceed as planned. :)

    You're so right that there is stress incurred with false positives-it's a tough balance to strike in medicine, and liability issues have pushed the balance past caution in some instances I think.

  3. That's great news K! Sometimes I wonder if we monitor too much these days. Prenatal care is essential, but all the tests and checks can often set you up for a lot of unnecessary worrying!

    My little guy was breech up until the 11th hour, then suddenly flipped right before my midwife appointment to discuss my options. I think sometimes they just like to show you who's boss :)