Saturday, August 4, 2012

Teeming with #2: Week 22 update!

Lots to share with y'all since the last time I updated. Some good, some unfortunately not-so-awesome.

First, a few basics. I started feeling movement at around 16-17 weeks, and Chris felt baby kick for the first time a couple weeks after that. I've gained about 13 pounds so far and now sit at 125 pounds.

Here's the latest belly update pic from 2 weeks ago (at 20 weeks). I don't really look any bigger than I did in the 16-week pic, but I looked HUGE in that one so I was probably just bloated that day. :)

I had my mid-pregnancy ultrasound on July 25th. We planned to find out the gender during the appointment, however for logistical reasons Hubs wasn't able to join me that morning, so I asked the technician to record it so we could follow up with our midwife at our next appointment.

Based on this, the technician was careful not to show me any "evidence", however I did get a few cute pics of our li'l "hopper"!

A week later, we had our midwife appointment. First bit of news......It's a boy!!!! I was convinced it was a girl so that was a surprise (though not an unpleasant one!)

The next two bits of news - not so pleasant.

First of all, I have a low-lying placenta. Apparently a placenta is considered low-lying if it's within 2 cm from the cervix. Mine is within 1 cm. If the placenta remains low-lying at the time of delivery, a c-section is generally required (or at least strongly recommended). That said, in the majority of cases, the condition resolves itself by early in the 3rd trimester, so it's not really cause for alarm at this point. I do need to refrain from significant exercise and sexual activity (booooo) while it's still present, however. A follow-up ultrasound at about 32 weeks is scheduled to check for changes here.

Second, the more alarming news. The ultrasound also showed low amniotic fluid (a condition called "Oligohydramnius"). My level was measuring at 66 when normal is (if I recall correctly) 95 to 200. At this early stage in the pregancy, this can commonly be a sign of a malfunctioning placenta or a health problem with baby. :(

The good news? Despite the issues, the baby and placenta both look really good based on what the technician provided on the report.

Katie sent me for a follow-up ultrasound the next day (Thursday) to re-check levels. Fluids were up to 78 which made me cautiously optimistic, however this is still considered low so Katie decided we should follow up with a "Level 2" ultrasound at McMaster University Medical Centre. They have more advanced equipment which should (hopefully) be able to detect any health problems present which didn't register themselves on the two local ultrasounds. Appointment's been scheduled for next Wednesday (Aug 8).

So....that's about that. In the meantime, there isn't anything I can really do except relax, drink lots of fluids and try not to stress. (The Olympics are providing a nice distraction, though Canada's had a couple rough days so time to turn that around! :)

I'll post another update after my next appointment. Wish us luck!

Oh yeah - one more pic before I sign off for now. A little "proof" that baby is a "Mr. Hopper" - tee hee!


  1. Hugs - it's so hard to hear 'not so good' news when you're pregnant. Fingers crossed for good news from now on for you and baby!

  2. Yay for a boy! :o)
    I really hope everything resolves itself. You have plenty of time for the placenta to move, and as far as fluid, lots of rest and liquids and you should be ok. Praying for you!

  3. Congrats on youe little man. Keeping my fingers crossed for a greta ultraound next week.

  4. Congratulations on a boy! How exciting! I hope that everything works itself out.... keep us posted, please! *hugs*

  5. Thanks all! Appreciate the thoughts and well wishes. xxoo

  6. Congratulations on the news of a wee little man! Hope all is well in the duration o your pregnancy, I will be sending positive thoughts xo