Sunday, August 26, 2012

Teeming with #2: Week 25 update!

Definitely in "no question" territory now!

Out for a dinner/drinks date with hubs last night and no fewer than three people asked me when I was due! (Though, to be fair, the ordering of virgin cocktails was a pretty good clue in itself, not to mention that I was even huger due to the generous helping of gnocchi and slice of boca negra I'd just inhaled.)

Weight-wise, I'm up to 131 pounds for a gain of 19 total so far. Given I was so underweight before getting pregnant, I think a final gain of 30-40 total should be about right for me

Following my wonderful news two weeks prior, I had Yet Another Ultrasound last week to confirm that things continued to look good. And indeed, they did! My fluid levels clocked in at 130 according to the particular flavour of the "four quadrant test" performed (normal is between 95 and 200, IIRC) and my placenta was waaay up, evidently at an "interesting" location (sort of a combination of fundal and lateral).

Of course we got some pics - here's your prototypical spooky alien face shot and a cute li'l foot! 

Now hopefully no more ultrasounds! Li'l man's been exposed to enough sound waves already! *nods*

All in all, I've been feeling quite good the last few weeks! I'm enjoying high energy levels and emotionally, I've been happy, relaxed and level like I was last time around. I've started prenatal yoga with another preggy friend (and blogger!) to help loosen and strengthen all those "important areas" in preparation for late pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery. It feels great to work all those tight muscles! Now that I have the green light for exercise (whew, would've sucked to be confined to a sedentary lifestyle!), I'm also planning to start back on my birth ball and Active Birth exercises.

I am definitely starting to feel bigger, however. I can't just flop around every which way in bed anymore, and getting up from a sitting or crouching position is a bit more of a process, especially when holding our daughter. A few nuisances have cropped up as well. The inside of my nose has become extra crusty and prone to minor bleeding (apparently normal - weird) and, yes I'll admit, I've had some issues with incontinence. I'd been thinking I needed to get serious about kegels, but then another mama friend pointed me to this intriguing article which takes a different, but compelling stance. Her stance? "Tighter does not equal stronger. It's just tighter." Makes sense, really, as there's a lot going on together in a woman's pelvic region keeping things aligned & working smoothly! Based on this, I'm even more eager to dedicate myself to the exercises I mentioned above.

Not so much a nuisance but an observation - my appetite is RIDICULOUSLY HUGE these days! I continuously surprise myself by how much I've been able to eat. I do maintain a generally healthy diet and (like I mentioned earlier) I was quite underweight to begin with when I got pregnant, so I just listen to my body and go with it. I eat until I'm full and don't worry about the occasional totally indulgent treat.

And finally, I've been realizing that my current maternity wardrobe leaves something to be desired (I'd borrowed quite a few clothes from my cousin's wife last time around and returned them when she was expecting again) so I spent an hour this morning browsing Kijiji - lots of great stuff out there for just a few bucks per item! Maternity shopping's like kid clothes shopping, IMO. Most 2nd hand stuff's in great condition because it's worn for such a short period of time! So why not go this route?

Well that's about it for now! Hope all you other mamas-to-be out there are enjoying healthy, happy pregnancies as well! xxoo


  1. so happy to hear things have cleared up a bit!! We've been praying! Fluid was my nemesis!! lol - make my body think I was 9 months prego when I was only 6.5.

    Second hand maternity is great!! I would lend you mine but a friend has it all in Sudbury until Thanksgiving. But yes - buy second hand - or shop the sales.

    blessings girl!!

  2. Oh how exciting, and I'm glad your last ultrasound was so good!

    Aww this makes me feel a tiny bit broody! :)

  3. Oh! Congratulations, I am so glad to hear everything is going well. I bought a lot of maternity clothing second hand too - new is so overpriced and you are right - it is only worn for such a short period of time.

  4. So exciting and congratulations! So happy to hear things are going well. Second hand helps so much! I gave a lot of my stuff to my sister in law and it was so awesome to see her get so much use out of it :)

  5. Prenatal yoga sounds great! What a lot of pregnant bloggers I know right now.

  6. Hoe you find lots of good stuff on kijiji! I know I did when I was pregnant with DS.
    I miss my prenatal yoga this time around, not sure that I have time in my schedule to fit it in!

  7. Looking good lady and Yay! for healthy baby!

  8. Active birth exercise is critically important during pregnancy, because it results in healthy pregnancy.

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