Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CJ at 2 months: Mr. Happy!

There's no question - at 2 months, CJ's the definition of an "easy baby"! He nurses and sleeps well, soothes easily and is one smiley, chatty little monkey!

(I know - "Knock on wood" you're all thinking! ;)

Official 2 Month Photo:

(Compare with his 1 Month Photo here.)

Physical Development:  

Weight: 10 lb 10 oz (just under 50th percentile)
Height: 23" (just over 50th percentile)
Head circumference: 15 1/2"

CJ's growth so far has been very similar to S's - large at birth and then slow but steady gain. He's probably not going to be a huge dude - which is OK, because national champion curlers don't need all that extra bulk. ;) Though poor little guy has the tiniest little chicken legs! This has evoked great amusement - particularly from his Granda and the nurses administering his 2 months shots. (As if he didn't have enough to deal with that day!) Lemme tell ya though - those li'l kickers are STRONG! I don't remember bum changes being so difficult early on with S!

He's now able to hold his head up for 20-30 seconds at a time, though he greatly prefers to do this when held upright. He's not a fan of tummy time so far!

His hand movements are starting to become more coordinated. For example, he likes to bat at the octopus in his Baby Neptune gym and will sometimes grab ahold of its handle for awhile. He's also able to find his hand pretty readily when he needs a quick oral fix (usually when Mommy's running after big sis!)

Cognitive, Social & Emotional Development:

Month 2 has rewarded us with virtually non-stop smiles and the most charming and adorable vocalizations! CJ's definitely a "people-baby" - if he's getting face time, he's one happy li'l camper! (And on the flipside, he often expresses his displeasure when left alone with nothing to do!)

He definitely knows who his Mommy is! He visually tracks me as I move around the room, and if there are a few people looking at him he tends to lock in on me. Love!

Generally speaking, he only cries for the standard reasons - hungry, tired, bored or in need of a bum change. This makes "troubleshooting" pretty straightforward. :)

Here's a 2-month vid of CJ grinning, chatting, laughing and showing his octopus who's boss!


Day time naps are still all over the board. One day he'll just snatch a couple 30-40 minute catnaps and the next he'll conk out for the better part of the day. (Usually when we're out and about. Car rides and busy environments tend to knock him out cold.) But holy macaroni he's an amazing night sleeper! He goes 4-7 hours straight for the first stretch every night. Yup I know - double knock on wood for this one! ;)

Adjusting as a Family:

Things are definitely getting easier with two little ones as time goes on. In my last CJ update, I mentioned I'd yet to get out alone with both kids. Happily, we've broken that seal! I've taken them to drop ins at the community center, family swims, out playing in the snow and other places/activities. And we had our first "official" family trip to Great Wolf Lodge!

Daily routines are beginning to take shape as well, though there are a number of remaining "who's doing what, and when" questions to sort out between Chris and me, especially since he works from home which blurs the lines between work and non-work time. I'm getting lots of experience managing the bedtime process alone since Chris curls 2 nights each week. It's challenging since there are obviously a lot of things to do for S (bath, brush teeth, final pee, night diaper, PJs, book(s), help her burn off her post-bath crazy person energy) and meanwhile, this is when CJ wants to cluster feed. I multitask where I can, but almost invariably end up leaving the little guy crying somewhere while I finish his sister's routine.

S has been pretty good with CJ recently. She's mostly lovey and gentle with him, giving him lots of kisses and cuddles, bringing him blankets and toys, etc., but will sometimes still use rough hands (when she's tired and/or seeking attention). So we try to strike that balance between letting them bond and, y'know, keeping the little guy out of the emergency room!

Got any tips to make bedtime and other routines easier with an infant and a toddler? I'd love to hear 'em!


  1. What a little cutie he is!

  2. He's adorable. My now 13 yoa son was a very easygoing and calm baby. Sounds like yours may be the same.

  3. What a gorgeous pic - he really does look like a happy baby!

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    1. Thanks for visiting! I linked up CJ's Birth Story. :)