Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Warp Speed Mama Mode!

Y'know what I find empowering? Challenging myself to complete certain tasks in an insanely short period of time (and ideally succeeding)! I like to call this Warp Speed Mama Mode. :) Some mamas appear to be on warp speed 24/7, and that's just not my overall style - nor do I think it would be healthy! But I do like to employ this technique periodically, partcularly when I'm feeling sluggish and/or I need a reminder just how quickly I can get things done when I set my mind to it! It's definitely a confidence and energy builder!

I most commonly go into WSMM to tackle day-to-day housekeeping tasks. Dishes, laundry, that sort of thing. I give myself, say, 30 minutes and try to tick everything off on a task list (or x number of items) within that timeframe. This accomplishes two things: it lessens the drudgery of these repetitive tasks, and also reduces the time spent doing them, freeing up valuable minutes for more meaningful and gratifying activities. Earlier this afternoon my husband told me there was no way in H-E-double hockey sticks I could take a 7-minute shower (as this is something I normally spend a good 15 indulgent minutes on!) so I Showed Him. Not only did I shower in the allotted timeframe but I undressed and dressed within it too, for good measure. (Upon claiming victory, he tried to "get me" by pointing out my contact lenses weren't in, but this wasn't part of the agreement! :)

Now I feel all pumped to get other things done today at warp speed! It's 3:00 now; think I can publish this blog post, tidy the main floor, wash the dishes, fold and put away two loads of laundry, change a diaper, make a shopping list and go grocery shopping with the little guy before we pick up his sister at 4:15? Just watch me! :)

Do you like to go into warp speed mode and/or give yourself timed challenges? What types of tasks do you challenge yourself with?


  1. Haha. I really like this post. It reminds me of an someecard I saw on Facebook that says, I get more cleaning done in 10 minutes when someone is on their way over, than I do in the whole week. I too feel I'm more productive when I challenge myself. It works with my kids too and they have fun doing it!
    PS I just found your blog searching keyword "pregnancy" on Picket Fence Blog. I was following for the giveaways before but I'm here today for the content. Thank you. If you have time, click my name to find out more about me. =)

    1. Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by! That's a great idea extending timed challenges to kids too! I'm definitely going to try that. :) I dropped by your blog too - voted and am following on FB and Twitter. :) Hope to see you here again!