Thursday, December 16, 2010

"S" days 13 to 15: Frogs and Frenzied Feedings

Day 13: Monday, December 6th

Great Aunt Heather and Uncle Terry came over to meet S. They brought over Swiss Chalet for dinner and gave her the most adorable gift - a customized froggie from Build a Bear Workshop with her name and date of birth! I was obsessively into acquiring frogs when I was young (both real and collectible) so S's been receiving a few frog-themed gifts, but this one took the cake! I got a little teary when I opened it up. :)

Proud Great Aunt & Uncle:


It was a bit of a tough evening & overnight with S. She appeared to be ravenously hungry, but a number of times when I tried to feed her she got upset and fussy. She also spit up a few times. I've read that babies can go through growth spurts at around 2 weeks, so perhaps our little one was starting hers early!

Day 14: Tuesday, December 7th

Chris and I had planned to embark upon a sizely Christmas shopping excursion today, but we only made it as far as Walmart. I'd been feeling more cramping & pressure over the last couple days, my bleeding had increased and I was feeling physically weak, so I was ready to head home after just an hour. (S, on the other hand, slept like an angel the whole trip. I guess she'd pooped herself out the night before!)

When we got home, I called my OB and they made an appointment for an ultrasound. They wanted to check me out to ensure no "products of conception" remained kicking about given my recent symptoms. Shortly after this, I passed a blood clot the size of a golf ball! It was quite disturbing, but apparently large blood clots like this are fairly common in the postpartum period. The general consensus is that one should only be concerned when the clots are the size of a lemon. A LEMON! That's almost the size of a human kidney! Ahhh the lovely things our bodies go through to have kids!

I made another fascinating bodily discovery that evening. I was beginning to leak milk! This happened most prominently from the "unused" breast during a feeding, but I also noticed little spots on both sides when I heard her fuss just prior to another one of her meals. It's official - my boobies have fully morphed into udders!

And finally, some exciting news to end the day - Ange finally had her baby! He was born at 5:34 PM and weighed 8 lbs, 9 oz. So just one ounce heavier than S, and also born 10 days overdue (one day before a scheduled induction!) Methinks the two of them will get along famously! :)

Day 15: Wednesday, December 8th

This was our most challenging night / early morning with S since her first few days. She wanted to eat every hour or so until about 3 AM, but continued to be crabby and spit up frequently. She went through quite a few sleepers, lemme tell ya!

Despite the rough night, we felt pretty good the next day. My bleeding had subsided somewhat and I felt less pressure, which was likely due to getting rid of the clot. This was the first day in a long time that we stayed in and S didn't have any visitors, so we took the opportunity to do some chores and relax. I researched cloth diaper laundering techniques, which helped us arrive at the routine I described in my last post. I also unearthed my favourite childhood story book from one of the myriad basement bins and read a couple of the shorter tales to S.

That evening, S's birth certificate arrived via courier, less than a week after we completed the application. Evidently Service Ontario doesn't mess around when it comes to certifying a new human's existence!

....aaand finally, a li'l dose of preciousness to cap things off:


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