Sunday, December 12, 2010

"S" days 10 to 12: Cuddles and Cousins

Day 10: Friday, December 3rd

S was lucky enough to have two of her grandmothers over for lunch - Gramma Campbell and Grandma Mary (or "Emma Mary", as she likes to call her!) Like usual, she snoozed for most of the visit!

Mom brought over some donuts and in return, she allowed me to set her up with a Facebook account. :)

Chris and I had a pretty laid back evening, enjoying some good snuggles with our girl and relaxing with a couple episodes of Ally McBeal.

Day 11: Saturday, December 4th

Today was a big day for S! She got to meet her two cousins Hailey and Avery and her Uncle Jay for the first time, and visit with the rest of the Campbell clan as well! Chris picked her outfit for the day - not 100% colour-coordinated but she pulled it off! ;)

Adoring looks from Uncle Mike and Aunt Anne-Marie!

First cuddles with Avery and Hailey! (The matching outfits and hair were a complete coincidence, if you can believe that!)

Chris and I with all the girls!

Snuggles with Aunt Tracey!

S was busy during the visit - she fed three times and needed four diaper changes! That's our good little growing girl! :)

Day 12: Sunday, December 5th

Another visit today - this time from Great Uncle Larry (or MrOnstett)! He came bearing gifts for S (cute little shirts, soft fuzzy blankets and a teddy bear) and for Dad (some Old Port cigars :). At first he was very hesitant to hold S, but we convinced him to pose for one picture! (See - he's a natural, but S was no more interested in the Old Ports than Dad was!)


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