Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"S" days 22 to 24: Snowsuit FAIL!

Day 22: Wednesday, December 15th

Chris and I were feeling cooped up from the last few days of snowbound-ness, so we decided to take S outside to experience the resulting winter wonderland. First things first - bundle her up nice & warm!

The first snowsuit we tried was too small. Too bad - such a cute one too!

Next we tried a super warm & puffy Winnie the Pooh number - too big! S began to express her displeasure at this point.

Finally, we tossed her into a bunting bag which fit her juuuust right! Unfortunately S was still ticked off at us from the previous two failed attempts!

After all the lead up, we only managed a few token pictures before we headed back in. Brrrr!!

That evening, we hit up the two "R Us"es (Toys & Babies) for some birthday & giftmas shopping. You know you're firmly entrenched in a new generation when the vast majority of your holiday shopping takes place at these two stores!

Day 23: Thursday, December 16th

Today was Mom / Grandma Mary's birthday so we headed into K-Dub to celebrate at Great Grandma Catherine's place with some tasty Topper's. S charmed the pants off her grandma and GG with lots of gurgles and smiles! She proved to be so entertaining that GG had a fall as she turned to look at her on the way back from grabbing some more pizza, but luckily she fell "gracefully" and was just fine - whew!

4 generations - priceless! :)

Day 24: Friday, December 17th

We managed our long overdue visit with Maryana, Jeff and "Suds" who had finally gotten over the sickness they'd been battling. It was Suds' 2nd birthday so we got her a Melissa & Doug beginner pattern block set. (This toy rules! It has about 10 fun & colourful puzzles to fill in, and the many blocks can also be used on their own for less structured fun & learning. I'm totally getting one of these for S!) Suds had fun and quickly got the hang of things!

S of course got in some good cuddle time as well! She impressed Uncle Jeff in particular with her stylish argyle apparel.


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