Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"S" days 16 to 18: GSPrincess

Day 16: Thursday, December 9th

As we got ready to head out for my ultrasound, I discovered another milestone - I fit back into a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans. Yay! Creds to S on this one as she's become such a good little eater. :)

The ultrasound was fairly quick & uneventful. I had a technician who went by "mum's the word" so she didn't fill me in on anything during the procedure, but neither did she send me immediately for a debrief so I took this as a good sign. Following the ultrasound, we popped in on Grandma Mary for a short visit and ran a few errands.

Later that afternoon, I got a call from Dr. Schnarr's office requesting that I come in the next day to review results. Hmm - so maybe something did show up after all. Well at least we'd find out what it was soon if that was the case!

Finally, cousin Nick came by for Baby's First Beer. S chugged hers and was fussing about for another when we took this pic (don't worry - we're responsible adults and therefore limiting her to one at a time for her first couple months):

Day 17: Friday, December 10th

Today marked S's most elaborate outing to date! We hauled the UPPAbaby out of the garage for the first time, packed 'er into the van and headed off to Fairview Mall to get in some Christmas shopping. We figured that since we were heading out in the early afternoon, the mall wouldn't be too crazy. Wrong! Apparently it's common practice for last minute shoppers to take Friday afternoons off to get 'er done before the holidays. Oops!

Shuffling S between her car seat and the UPPAbaby bassinet in the snow and wind proved to be a bit of an ordeal, so unfortunately I didn't get a picture - boo! However we did get some good shopping done. I ended up scoring $160 of Body Shop merchandise for $40 due to the combination of a 2 for 1 Groupon and 50% off promotional wheel spin, so I went a little nuts. Anyone want any coconut body butter or satsuma shower gel??? I have a crapload, especially given we weren't able to participate in the Cameron Christmas (including the Ladies gift exchange). Our excursion also reinforced the fact that the UPPAbaby steers like a DREAM - it was perfect for malling about (aside from a few stores which were a bit too cramped w/ stuffs to navigate through.)

Following the mall, we hit up Toys + Babies R Us where we discovered the salvation that is the Parenting Room. A quick feed & change later, and S was good to finish off the day's tasks.

The last errand of the day was my OB appointment to review ultrasound results. Evidently the scan turned up a fairly large cyst in my vaginal wall. Dr. Schnarr thought this was a bit odd, but she checked me out and didn't feel it was anything to be concerned with. I did some research later that evening and it turns out that these cysts can happen following a vaginal delivery, especially when a lot of repair work is involved. They generally don't cause any issues and resolve on their own. All in all, not the most fabulous result to learn about, but evidently nothing earth shattering either.

Gramma and Grampa Campbell came over in the evening for a quick visit, and S was pretty fussy. Chris and I thought she might be gassy as she was crying quite a bit and doing some grunting and clenching. However eventually she fell into a good 4-5 hour sleep that's become her standard each night - whew!

Day 18: Saturday, December 11th

In the morning, I Googled gas in newborns and came up with a few tips:
  • Keep her upright for a little while after a feeding
  • Ensure she's getting enough hind milk (i.e. try to keep her on one boob longer before switching.)
  • Watch my own diet (I have to admit I was guilty of enjoying a few spicy dishes for a couple days there, plus I was drinking a lot of chocolate milk for the calcium - babies can be sensitive to dairy.)
Dad & Linda came over in the afternoon for a quick visit and another game of Settlers. S employed a winning strategy once more and this time she helped ME win. Yay!

That night, we headed over to Gramma & Grampa Campbell's place for the big GSP fight. Daddy dressed S up in her best game time gear:

(GSP won, though unfortunately both S and Mommy ended up sleeping through the entire main event. Whoops! :)


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