Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Hickory Dickory Shock!

Our daughter S (15 1/2 months) used to love the Hickory Dickory Dock video from Super Simple Songs. Then she started getting "excited" at the elephant part, but turns out the excitement was actually utter terror, as this video demonstrates. I was taken aback by her reaction in the moment but didn't realize until I watched the video later just HOW upset she got! Poor kiddo - I hope we didn't scar her for life! (Mentally/emotionally, I mean. Yes, I realize we probably already scarred her physically with that nasty head gash. Evidently we're not in the running for any parenting awards here!)


  1. Eeeps, her little face!!! I guess you don't know unless you see from the front! Omg, I laughed but feel guilty...she is so sweet!

  2. I know re: guilty laugh. I'm be laughing at it myself more wholeheartedly except I'm still a little worried we scarred her!!! :O