Saturday, November 3, 2012

20 Questions: Interview with a Toddler!

In recent months, our daughter S (now 23 months) has been captivating us with her newfound ability to engage in repartee. So the other day at dinner, Chris and I decided to conduct an "official" 20-question interview with our li'l chatterbox. Here's the complete, unedited transcript!


Q1: Who do you love?
S: Mommy, Aunt Tracey and Hailey!
(Tee hee, I got the "official" #1 spot! Though to be fair, her answer to this question tends to vary significantly. So no worries - she spreads the love around! ;)

Q2: What are your favourite things to eat?
S: Strawberries, food, trail mix

Q3: What is your favourite book?
S: Cinderella!
(Strange one indeed! She does have a Cinderella / Disney Princess book but we've only read it a few times. I expected her to quote a Munsch title like "Sandcastle Contest" here.)

Q4: What is your favourite thing to do at the park?
S: Swings! Slide!

Q5: Who's your favourite stuffed animal in your bed?
S: Kitty and Froggy
(Note: both Build-a-Bears.)

Q6: What is your favourite fruit?
S: Banana and peanut butter

Q7: What's your favourite thing to drink?
S: Almond milk and coconut milk!

Q8: Who are your friends?
S: Caleb and Addy and Norah
(Daycare BFFs!)

Q9: What's your favourite bedtime story?
S: Sandcastle Contest and Mini Munsch
(OK, there we go. :) BTW by "Mini Munsch" she's referring to the Munsch Mini-Treasury One.)

Q10: Who are your cousins?
S: Hailey and Avery

Q11: Who are your aunts?
S: Aunt Becca, Aunt Tracey, Uncle Jay, Uncle Jay, Uncle Mike, Uncle Nick, Daddy
(Haha, yup - they're all a bunch of GIRLS!)

Q12:  Who is your brother?
S: [Brother's Name] [Brother's Name] [Brother's Name] [Brother's Name] [Brother's Name]!!!
(No, we're not telling. Yet. :P)

Q13: What's your favourite thing to watch on TV?
S: Football!

Q14: What's your favourite cereal?
S: Mini Wheats and Cheerios!

Q15: What's your favourite thing to look at on the computer?
S: Mouse! Don't worry, be happy!
(She developed a bit of a fixation with this interactive YouTube video with a sad mouse. More on this in another post!)

Q16: Where does Daddy go sometimes?
S: Curling

Q17: What's your favourite thing to do in the back yard?
S: Pick strawberries!

Q18: What is your favourite thing to do at the cottage?
S: Play with the fish!
(She's referring to this animated, singing fish up on the wall at the cottage my mom & stepdad rent in the Bruce. It scared her a bit at first but then she got kind of obsessed with it, in a good way. :)

Q19: What do you want for your birthday?
S: Play-doh!

Q20: What does mommy clean around the house?
S: Kitchen and teapot!


Fun stuff! I think we'll make this a regular exercise, and when she's a little older it'll be neat to turn the tables and have her ask us some questions back! A previous coworker of mine said one of the most special & memorable activities he did with his kids (then early school-aged) was "Ask Daddy a Question". Before bedtime each day, they both got to ask him one question about whatever they wanted, and he had to answer honestly and thoroughly. He said they were super into it, really putting a lot of thought into their questions since they got just one/day. I love this idea - totally going to steal it. :)

Do you and your children like to conduct "interviews" with each other? What other types of communication activities/games do you enjoy with them?


  1. Oh, what a cute interview! I like to put my 2-year old on the phone with the grandparents and hear his answers to common questions, such as what he likes to eat (waffles, daddy, his foot).


  2. Oh my goodness, this is just too cute! They say the funniest things and I love how she points out that you clean the Kitchen AND the teapot ;) hehehe

  3. Adorable! The boys' nursery school does interviews sometimes and the answers always make me laugh. What they come up with is so funny sometimes!
    Glad to know you have a clean teapot :)


  4. Oh my gosh - so cute! Favorite thing to eat - food. Ha! That's too cute!

  5. That is so awesome! What a great way to those sparkling gems that will last a lifetime. :D

  6. Ahhhh! I LOVE THIS! You've inspired me to do an interview with my soon-to-be four year old!

  7. What a cute idea! I have to do something like this with my 2.5 year old!

  8. What a cute idea! I have to do something like this with my 2.5 year old!