Monday, July 4, 2011

The Great Canadian Blog Bash (#TGCBB) - Follow Up!

Well, the 2011 Great Canadian Blog Bash (#TGCBB) has come to an end, and what fun it was! Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway for a $25 gift card to M&M Meat Shops. Kristen (comment #93) was the winner out of 247 total entries - congrats Kristen! 

I loved reading everyone's favourite Canadian food comments. As one might expect, frequent mentions included Tim Hortons, poutine, beaver tails, maple syrup and Swiss Chalet! Here's the full list of comments to whet your appetite! :D
  • There is a local restaurant that our family goes to frequently. Their prime rib is the best I have ever had. Besides the great food, another reason we go is that they donate half of all the tips made to charity. They choose a new and deserving local charity every year. I love the generosity of Canadians. They are always willing to lend a hand in any way they can.
  • I love the local strawberries that are out at this time of year, and am looking forward to when my son is big enough to go strawberry picking with me. There's something about them that always reminds me of Canada Day BBQ's with friends.  
  • I love wine and cheese, I make my own wine some times. :) I also am a lover of back bacon and lobster, poutine and smores. Can't get more Canadian than that lol 
  •  Not entering but how can you mention Canadian foods without mentioning the oddly named but super-tasty pastries... BeaverTails??? 
  • omg fresh fruit from Kelowna, it's just drips down your chin!!
  • I definitely LOVE the *VERY* healthy Canadian poutine :D And I love Timmie's Iced Capps, yum yum :)
  • I am completely addicted to Tim Hortons coffee. I would rather have a one cream/one sugar coffee than any other drink! Mmm Mmm
  • Ohh a fave Canaidian food...Does Shaw's icecream count? :)  
  • Back bacon  
  • Canadian Lobster from the east coast is food I like the best. 

  • I really love Beaver Tails! Whenever we are in Ottawa, we will go and buy it! 
  • I love Maple Syrup! 
  • my fave Canadian winery is Mission Hill in Kelowna BC
  • I can't ever get enough of Tim Hortons coffee! Yummy!
  • It's Tim Hortons sour cream glazed donuts that I love the most!
  • POUTINE!!!! 
  • Mmmm... who doesn't love a great poutine?
  • Wow ~ where do I start! I love poutine ~ with chunks of chicken added ~ to-die-for! I also cannot go without my Timmies in the morning and wanting to try the 2 new timbit flavours ~ hopefully this week! The cheese festival sounds fantastic and with a little vino makes the day just perfect.
  • I love timmies iced caps. No summer is complete without stopping at tim hortons to pick one up on the way to the lake
  • My favourite Canadian things are poutine, Tim Hortons, and maple syrup!
  • My Fave Canadian food has to be POUTINE! I mean, how can you not love cheesy, gravy goodness, right? YUM! Happy Canada Day!!
  • I'm from NB Canada and when I moved to NS for 5 years the thing I missed the most was Garlic fingers with Donair sauce... I missed it so much lol. Thank goodness I moved back to NB and have not craved it since lol.
  • I love me some poutine and beaver tails! 
  • I love the Winona,Ontario peaches.Every year we go to the peach festival and get a peach and strawberry sundae.
  • poutine!
  • poutine!!! nanaimo bars!! :) 
  • My favorite Canadian restaurant is Swiss Chalet
  • Can't go wrong with a Timmie's Ice cap! :)
  • I've been liking Timmy's Iced Coffees lately!
  • bwahaha! timbits flavour?! LOVE it!
    I'm an old-fashioned glaze girl!
  • I Love poutine!
  • I love poutine!
  • I love our local farmer for their fresh Canadian produce
  • I love beavertails :) 
  • Love timbits 
  • I love my Tim Hortons (Timmies)
  • The honey glazed and chocolate Tim Bits are my faves!!
  • Mmm Timbits..... crueller timbitss 
  • My favourite Canadian restaurant is probably Swiss Chalet, and of course I love all my local Niagara wineries! 
  • Well I love my timmies but the Maple Leaf Restaurant is great too although I haven't been there in a long time. 
  • One of my fav. Canadian "foods" is Dieu de Ceil smallcraft beer from Montreal. Worth planning a return trip. Yum.
I also heard back from all three companies I featured on my TGCBB giveaway post: Black River Cheese, Empire Cheese and The Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Company! Based on their responses, I'm thinking we'll need to take another foodcation in Prince Edward Country!

From Black River Cheese: Thanks for this!  We are so glad you like our cheese and that you were so taken with Prince Edward County as well.  We're pretty proud of our community.  If you come to the county again, be sure to stop by our Retail store for a great selection of our award winning aged cheddars and flavoured mozzarellas as well as lots of other 'County' products.  And our cheese is available in many Metro Stores and Sobeys stores as well as specialty shops from London to Ottawa and north to the Kawarthas.  We will be revamping our website in the near future and plan to list the stores where you can find our cheese.  Also, generally we make fresh curd on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday so if you come to see us, make sure to get some!

From Empire Cheese: Thank you for the kind words in your blog about Empire Cheese.  You should consider a trip to Trent Hills (made up of the communities of Campbellford, Warkwarth and Hastings).  You could visit the Empire Factory and purchase the freshest curd  and then visit Sprucewood Cookies all in one trip.   We also have a fabulous bakery, a  butter tart factory and World's Finest Chocolate.  If you like beer, we have Church Key Micro Brewery.  It is definitely worth the trip.  Once you have all of your treats you can picnic along the Trent Severn Waterway which runs right through the middle of Campbellford and Hastings. 

From Sprucewood: This is so thoughtful of you! I'll take a look and report back. To buy more cookies, we are exhibiting at The Cobourg Waterfront Festival this Fri-Sun at the harbourfront in Cobourg.  This is a great crafters event!
I hope all my Canadian readers had a wonderful and food-filled Canada Day long weekend! And Happy 4th of July to my readers South of the border. Cheers! :D


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