Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Sinfully Delicious Summer Vice(s)

OK I'll admit it. Despite many recent strides toward leading a healthier lifestyle, I've become totally hooked this Summer on something not so nourishing: McDonalds iced coffees.

I can't help it. The'yre delicious and they're "only a dollar, all Summer!"

To be fair, I do make some customizations to my version so it's less unhealthy. Milk instead of cream (woot, extra calcium) and half the syrup. So I don't feel too bad about having a large one about every other day. :O

My teeth, however, aren't too happy about this. If I'm not super diligent with coffee and tea, the front ones get stained. And needless to say, I haven't been too careful, so I now have a mid-August appointment booked with my dentist to polish 'em back to their normal pearly white state.

There's also this Mom & Pop ice cream shop down the road called Swirls which makes soft-serve treats (similar to DQ) but using REAL ice cream - not ice milk. So they're fattier, but much richer, creamier and tastier! And everything at Mom & Pop Shop prices. FTW! I love their "Razzle" - the Swirls equivalent of a Blizzard. Let me just say they do NOT skimp on the toppings!

So what's your sinfully delicious Summer vice?

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  1. Yeah, Rick and I have the same iced coffee addiction. Considering we'd normally end up at Starbucks, I see it as a cost-saving measure :)