Monday, July 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: Cottage Edition!

Day 3 at the cottage and it's a rainy one! Since we're stuck indoors anyway, it's a good time to do a l'il blogging!

Last year at the cottage I wrote up a menu plan for the week and it really helped organize our shopping trip and daily meals. So we made another one for this trip. With 7 adults and 2 kids (well 3 including S, but she still has her own meals so doesn't "count" :), it's all about convenience, simplicity (no recipes!) and having plenty to go around!!

The first thing we did was take stock of the meal-appropriate food everyone brought along (meat, pasta, veggies, etc.). We then arranged these into individual dinners, breakfasts, etc. based on factors such as BBQ vs. non-BBQ, mixing things up day-to-day and how perishable each item was. Finally, we filled in the gaps to add in salads, sides, etc. for each meal.These "gap" items, along with breads & cheeses for simple lunch sandwiches (to round out the numerous cold cuts brought along), healthy and non-so-healthy snacks and other items comprised the master shopping list. We ended up spending less than $200 total, and the food should last us the majority of the week - not too bad!

The cottage menu plan actually started on Saturday with Taco Night, which Chris' sister brought the fixings for - a nice, easy and tasty way to start off the week! We me end up reordering the meals from that point onward based on the weather, what people feel like, etc. but we'll use the ordering below as a blueprint.

Oh, and I'm linking up again this week! Check out other MPMs here:

- Hard and soft tacos

- BBQ - hot dogs, sausages and side salads (coleslaw and pasta)

- Ribs, potatoes, carrots and garden salad

- Pasta, garlic bread, leftover garden salad

- Marinated chicken & veggie kebobs

- Steak, stuffed mushrooms, broccoli & cauliflower

- Eat out!!

So what are you eating this week? Who else is BBQing? Anyone else at the cottage?


  1. we try to bbq atleast once a week. i love corn on the cob on the bbq!!
    i know im late commenting but i would love if you visited my blog and checked out my Menu Plan
    Have a great weekend!
    From Cristin To Mommy

  2. Thanks for dropping by! Not sure I've ever tried corn on the cob on the barbie but will have to give it a whirl this summer!

    Following you back as well. :)