Wednesday, May 11, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Mother's Day Brunch!

My husband and I have been hosting Mother's Day Brunch with his side of the family for the past three years. This year, our number of guests increased by 2 as his grandparents are now living in town and were happily able to join us! I think we overcompensated food-wise, however, as we've been eating the leftovers ever day and *still* have a bunch of stuff left in the fridge!

Fruit & cheese platters (plus a crumpled napkin - I think one of the kids nabbed a chocolate covered strawberry before I managed to take this shot!)

Mmmmmeat - breakfast sausages, bacon, and peameal (or "Canadian") bacon!

Don (Chris' Dad) cooking eggs, onions and hashbrowns

Anne Marie's ridiculously delicious cinnamon rolls

Group shot - all the mothers and daughters!


  1. Yummy! Those cinnamon rolls look divine!

  2. Yummy is right! I'm glad you had a wonderful time!