Monday, May 30, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: Screamin' for Scallops

During last week's grocery trip (yup, I only went once - such is the glory of MPMs!) I picked up some nice 'n' plump frozen scallops on special. I looove scallops and will often order them at (good) restaurants, however have yet to prepare them myself. Ever! But I'm about to remedy this, as the mighty scallop will be served on Thursday night as part of this week's menu. Minted. With last year's mint that's running amock in our garden this year. w00t!

I was also inspired recently by the delicious apple & butternut squash soup I enjoyed at EJ's in Baden. My guess is that theirs isn't prepared fresh as BNS isn't in season, but it was still YUM! So I'm going to make its first cousin - apple, carrot and ginger soup! Pork tenderloin is also on special this week at Sobey's so I'm going to continue the apple theme and rock some tenderloin w/ applesauce. With steamed "small trees" on the side. And we're thinking of letting S have one of these to gum around at, in the spirit of dabbling around at baby-led weaning!

"Leftovers" pasta (I've got a few whole wheat lasagna sheets left from last week's Mexican Lasagna, so I'm going to slice these up into an approximation of fettucini with tomato, garlic and mushrooms. And maybe a zucchini. *nods*)

Pork Tenderloin with Applesauce
Steamed broccoli
Garlic mashed potatoes

Salad of sorts (I'll probably just get one of the boxed salads - we'll see what's in stock at the store.)

Risotto with Scallops and Minted Peas (I'm going to follow the delicious-looking recipe in my "Bowl Foods" book which is similar to this.)

Chris is in Washington. I'll nuke something or grab a panzerotti :)


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