Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Lilacs and Llamas!

Following a week straight of drizzly gray weather, we got to enjoy a couple beautiful, sunny days this past Victoria Day weekend! S and I took advantage by hitting up Waterloo Park with two good friends and my one friend's daughter. At the risk of making a complete mockery of the intended wordlessness of this post, can I just add that I *loooove* my new ERGO carrier? Soooo comfy, sooo convenient and S gets to be right up in the action! LOOOOOOVE! <3

S and Mommy

Lilacs in Bloom!

"What is that strange creature, Mommy?"

My Girls <3


  1. AWWW CUTE!One mommy that lives on a sailboat that I enjoy her blog, makes carriers for your ERGO, visit her etsy here and tell her I sent you!!

  2. Aww she has cute stuff! Love the sucking pads, especially the owl pattern! Too bad I already bought pads (the ones made by ERGO) or I might've picked up some of hers! Ours our functional but not nearly as cute.