Sunday, May 1, 2011

"S" @ 5 months: Let's Make Some Noise!

The months just continue to fly by! One more and our sweet little S will be half a year old!

Her 5 month "birthday" took place on Easter, so we thought it fitting that her official pic reflect this adequately. :)

(Compare to months one, two, three and four!)

No doctor appointment this month, so we relied on Wii Fit for her weight which came in at 6.2 kg or about 13 lb 11 oz. Subtracting the weight of her sleeper (say 2 oz) puts her closer to 13 lb 9 oz. A little over a pound heavier than last month, so gaining steadily!

We've been LOVING the bumbo chair this month! She's the perfect age & size for it.

She spends the most time in her bumbo during meals. While Chris and I eat, she continues to hone her understanding of cause and effect with games like "throw the ring links on the floor so that Mommy picks them up!" and "drag the loud plastic rattle back and forth repeatedly across the table":


(At least she can't cast away her Sophie since we have the giraffe snugly tethered to her car seat!)

The back to front roll maneuver has become a cakewalk for her, and she now does this almost every time she's placed on her back. Check out the efficiency, even as early as 4 months, 1 week!

She also sleeps fully on her front now. We were concerned about this initially, but we're now feeling quite confident that she's aware & strong enough to move if breathing becomes an issue. Plus, outside of tying her down, there's not much we can do about it at this point!

When she's on her tummy, she sometimes gets a li'l lazy and just hangs out there with her head down and to the side. But she is also starting to do the "mini pushup" moves and thrust her bum up in the air, downward-facing-dog stylez. (Yup, it would appear she's paying attention during baby yoga!)

All that said, she has yet to demonstrate mastery of the front-to-back roll. I've seen her do it a couple times now so I know she can do it, but I think she either forgets or doesn't really enjoy that move.

She's starting to get more active in her rainforest jumperoo! She has learned how to rotate herself around to access the various toys, and she's starting to bounce with the aid of a couple strategically placed phonebooks. She has this funny little side to side hopping move; I remarked to Chris that it looks like an early incarnation of the wedding shuffle. :) No vid yet - will definitely get on that this month.

It appears she now grasps the concept of object permanence. For example, when we're playing with one of her puppets during a diaper change and I move the puppet down out of sight, she continues to look for it. And when we play "Where's S?" with a prefold over her face, she will now reach up and pull it away (whereas before she'd just flail around until I took it off myself.)

Socially, there is no end to the smiles and laughs! She definitely has her more serious moments (when she's focusing, learning and/or reflecting) but when she's happy and she knows it she REALLY WANTS TO SHOW IT! Check out the big gummy grin:

Big laughs for her lion toy. RAWRRRR!

She continued to play around with new vocalizations this month. Once again, Baby Center hit the nail on the head by asserting that she'd be blowing raspberries by the end of her 5th month. Indeed, she was! She has also started doing an open, close, open, close chomping motion with her mouth. On a related note, she is now DEFINITELY showing an interest in food! She always checks out what we're eating and will open her mouth eagerly if we bring food close to her. So far I've given her sips of water, "tastes" of pieces of food such as carrots and banana (really just letting her mouth them a bit) and diluted prune juice when she hadn't gone poo in 13 days. However, we won't officially try solids for another couple weeks as she's still fully satiated from da booby and we don't feel the need to rush things here.

Finally, knock on wood, but we may have been wrong about her being allergic to cats since she hasn't really exhibited any of these symptoms since Lucy came back! I'm cautiously optimistic about this as it would really suck to have to find a new home for our li'l tuxedo cat.

Well that sums up the highlights from Month 5. As always, looking forward to what the next month will bring for our S!


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