Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Name the Diaper" contest - requesting your help!

I don't really heart online popularity contests because they kinda require you to write posts like this one


I really want to win Starryn a cute li'l pink MiniMaestro diaper! She currently only has one "girly" dipe so I'd love to add one to her stash. Plus, I've been wanting to try MM diapers for awhile!

If you could do me a huuuge favour and "Like" my entry here, I would be eternally grateful! The dipe looks like this:

My submission is called "The Pink Pants-er" (which I feel is clever if I do say so myself :) and my profile name is Kristy AC.

I believe you need to "Like" MiniMaestro's page to do this, but I recommend liking them anyway as they're a great company with some awesome products! (I have one of their wetbags and it's fabulous!)

I'll be sure to post a pic of S in her sweet new dipe as well if, no I mean WHEN, she wins! ;)

If you have any submissions you're proud of us well, let me know and I'll return the favour!

Thanks all!


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