Friday, June 3, 2011

Life Update...

Lots going on right now, so I thought I'd do a quick li'l update to capture everything! Bullet-point form as I still have lots to do tonight, and hence don't want to waste precious time worrying about perfecting my prose. :)
  • We have found Lucy a wonderful new home! A retired couple in Chris' parents condo community called them after seeing the ad they put up on the community's online site. They're cat lovers but have been without a pet for some time. We took Lucy over for a "meet and greet" tonight and it was a match made in heaven! Lucy took to them instantly and began happily prowling around the place. I'm so relieved - wht a weight off the shoulders! Plus they're close by so we can go visit! We'll be officially moving Lucy on Wednesday night!
  • Chris has arranged a surprise trip for S and me this weekend, however work whisked him off on a business trip yesterday and today, leaving me in charge of packing. For a *surprise* trip!!! He assures me we're not flying nor camping, so a "regular" (??) packing job should fit the bill. Thing is, this is the first time I've packed for S so I'm not sure what regular is! Let's just say I'm glad we have a van as I'll be erring on the side of caution here. :) (And this is also why I have lots to do tonight - more than half of the packing still to do! *grumble*)
  • I've really begun to find my rhythm with this whole motherhood thing. I'm getting much better at multi-tasking and doing things efficiently. And the menu planning has totally helped as well! All this despite the fact that S hasn't been sleeping through the night recently and therefore I've been pretty exhausted. I r0000l.
  • My sister is getting married next week! They are keeping things extremely low-key, however I'm still very excited for her! :D
  • Next week is S's last swimming lesson! She's had fun splashing around, singing songs, swimming after duckies and doing wall jumps! She has even gotten used to the dunk and doesn't mind it too much! We'll probably sign her up again in the Fall and get her into some public pools and/or possibly put in our own pool this summer! (Something like one of these $800 Canadian Tire jobbies.)
  • S and I had a great time yesterday reconnecting with J (of Gingham Skies) and meeting her "Rock Star" son! J - you rule! Hope to do it again. :) Oh, and S took a ride in a bucket swing for the first time and loved it!!
  • Blog-wise, I'm excited to be hosting giveaways again very soon! I have several great sponsors and prizes lined up this month, and there should be more to come! Spread the word, and stay tuned!
So what have all you been up to recently??


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