Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Intentional Summer Fun List!

In my last Memorable Monday post, I featured this great article from Simple Mom on Getting Organized for an Intentional Summer. It's all about planning to do what you want to do and not just letting yourself get caught up in the inevitable whirlwind of events that you feel you have to do.

I was inspired by this article (especially now that we have a little one to join us on our Summer adventures!) and ended up brainstorming with my husband to create our own "want to do" list. Thought I'd share it with you here!

  • Purchase and install above-ground pool in our backyard! ALMOST DONE - we ended up buying the Bestway HydroSoft soft-sided 15' pool & related accessories from Canadian Tire and Chris has been working hard setting it up! Should be ready this week. :D

  • Attend the KW Multicultural Festival in Victoria Park. DONE - S and I met Mom & Norm there today! We sampled lots of tasty international dishes and S enjoyed her first taste of lemon (yes - actually enjoyed it surprisingly.We were expecting a sour, scrunched up expression but nope - she just licked her lips and reached out for more!) I could have spent hours and hours (and lots of $$$) in the merchandise tents - especially loved the amazing hand-crafted jewelry and beautiful, exotic dresses and other clothing.

  • Attend the Canada Day events here in New Hamburg this Friday including the delicious AYCE breakfast, duck race and possibly the fireworks. Looks like we're going to work in a BBQ at our place as well so it'll be an action-packed day, but lots of fun!

  • Cottage-y goodness - spend a week on St. Joseph Island with Chris' family from July 9 to 16 and then take the Chi-Cheemaun ferry down to Tobermory and join Mom & Norm for a weekend in the Bruce. Fishing, biking, hiking, boating, lounging, bbqing - ah!

  • "Trial camp" with S in our back yard - sometime in August?

  • If all goes well with the trial camp, go camping for realsies later in August or early September!

  • More boating/fishing closer to home (this is a Chris item - I'll probably get my fill of boating up at the cottage! :)

  • Spend a weekend in Ottawa visiting friends

  • Take S to African Lion Safari and/or the Toronto Zoo

  • Take my best friend M out for a "girl's night" birthday dinner! (this is a Kristy item :)

  • Go on at least a couple dates with Chris! Perhaps hit the Stratford Festival, use our YukYuk's WagJag, go out for some fancy shmancy dinners - whatever we decide floats our boat!

  • Get a family photo shoot done - somewhere outdoors would be wonderful! (I scored a sweet Dealfind for this.)

  • Host and attend a few BBQs with friends and family - and possibly invite our neighbours for a drop-in event. We'll see how ambitious we get. ;)

 So what are your big "want to dos" this Summer?


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