Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Note on Winner Announcements

Now that I've begun hosting giveaways myself, I can understand why many bloggers opt not to publish winner posts. Giveaways take a lot of time and effort, and creating special posts to announce winners just adds to that T&E!

However, as a giveaway enterer myself, I like to see winner results and I'd imagine many others do too. It's a bit frustrating to put effort into entering a giveaway and then wonder if perhaps - somehow - I DID win and just didn't see that email. Y'know?

So in an attempt to find a happy medium on my own blog, I'm going to list winners beside the closed contests directly on my Giveaways page. This means no more screenshots, however hopefully you all trust that I'm using the tool with integrity! :) I'll strive to keep this page up-to-date so that enterers can see whether or not they won within a day or two of a contest closing. Hope this works for everyone!

I'm also hoping to start using Rafflecopter soon; just waiting for that invite!

1 comment:

  1. I've been debating this with many people. I have no interest in winner's posts and think it just plumps up your blog and like you said, takes extra time. I trust that everyone is picking a winner and that if I didn't get the email, I probably didn't win. There's no way I could possibly go back and check every blog I enter a giveaway on anyways. Even if it was one I subscribe to, I don't read every post of every blog I subscribe to. So personally I don't do winner's posts. Do what you feel is right of course.