Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Giveaway Wins: A Pictorial!

As I'm sure it's been abundantly clear over the last few months, I HEART giveaways! Both entering and hosting them!

I've won some terrific prizes since I started entering giveaways earlier this year. I've seen other bloggers post listings of prizes they've won to show that yes indeedy, people do win at these things. I thought I'd do the same, however I decided to "spice it up" a bit and provide pics and brief descriptions of each prize as well. My giveaway win slideshow can be found on my Facebook page here! (It's about time I added some photos o'er there - the album area was looking quite sparse!)

I'll continue to update it if/as I receive additional prizes.

Thanks to all the wonderful hosts and sponsors out there! Through your giveaways, I've had the opportunity to discover some awesome companies and products, and I've been more than happy to spread the word! :D


  1. Ahhh, so jealous! Last year I did awesome at winning giveaways...this year, barely any. I guess it's because I am so busy I rarely remember to enter. :oP You got yourself some pretty good booty mama!

  2. You only had five kids last year, right? So of course you had a LOT more time on your hands then! ;D