Thursday, June 30, 2011

"S" @ 7 months: Bla Bla Bla!!

Sheesh, I feel like I just wrote our little girl's 6 month update, and here we are at 7 months already!

No doctor appointment this month so we relied on trusty ol' Wii Fit for S's weight, which clocked in at 7 kg including her clothes and diaper. That's 15.4 lbs, so probably about 14.5 in the buff. This puts her between percentile 5 and 10. Yup, she's definitely a li'l peanut. It's in the genes. But lemme tell ya - she is getting strong and feisty! :D

Here is her official 7-month photo:

(Have I mentioned yet how much I {HEART} BabyLegs, btw? No? Well another day, another post. :)

How about a "cover girl" shot this month as well? Hello, beautiful!!

Take a look at S's up-to-date month-to-month album here!

Alright, so what were the key developments this month? Physically, she continued to get stronger and quicker, as evidenced by the hair graveyards decorating our garbage bins and plugging up our drains. (Mommy has a much-needed hair cut booked for next week which should help reduce these occurences!)

I've started giving her toys as a distraction technique during diaper changes, otherwise she's twisting herself onto her tummy or yanking at the blinds.

She can also climb out of her Bruin inflatable activity nest, so we've retired this from the selection of short-term, non-human babysitters. :)

She's is THISCLOSE to crawling now as well! Here's a video taken at about 6 1/2 months showing her rocking, air kicking and downward facing dog maneuvers.

By the end of the month, she was managing a bit of forward momentum via an "army crawl" type move! I bet she'll be full-on crawling within another 2-3 weeks. (Just in time for cottaging and other Summer fun!)

Another milestone - by about 6 1/2 months, she was sitting up very confidently. She has also started exploring and focusing more deeply on objects, flipping them back and forth and upside down with her hands, rather than just immediately sticking them in her mouth. And she's getting good at zeroing in on and grabbing a particular object that she wants. Some of these developments can be seen in the following video of her playing with her shape sorting box; see how she grabs the green triangle (her favourite!) from among all the other shapes:

Her personality has really started developing this month! She has become a little babbler, cycling through various sounds such as da, guh, buh, ahhhh, something that sounds like "hi!" and bla bla bla. (Perhaps she's practising what she'll be saying to her Mom in 10-15 years?!? ;)

Have I used the word "feisty" in this post yet? She's definitely getting strong-willed and determined! For example, if she wants to look at another book, she'll climb over the side of the glider and try to grab one from the shelf. If you take away something she's playing with or try to wipe her hands when she doesn't want them wiped, she is quick to voice her displeasure! That's the Sco'ish coming through, heh!

What else? She's still enthralled with "mirror baby" and she loves other babies and young children - lots of giggles, coos and shrieks! She has really started reaching out for people she wants to be with (e.g. Mommy at bedtime - but it's all about the nummies!) and we're pretty sure we've seen her wave bye-bye at least a couple times! Oh, and she has inexplicably started doing this funny scrunchy-faced snuffle thing. Like this:

Where do babies get this stuff from? :)

Finally, we're beginning to get into a fairly consistent daily schedule. Two naps per day (late morning and mid-afternoon) and two feedings (lunch and dinner) - soon to be three as I'd like to start giving her a little cereal in the morning as well! In terms of variety, she's tried quite a few foods and even tasted a lemon recently at the multi-cultural festival! (Technically that was two days into her eighth month, but ehh.)

Now if Mommy could just have the discipline to get to bed at a reasonable hour - gah!!!


  1. I had a HARD time with setting a "good" bedtime for Flintstone. Didn't really get that one implemented until month 8.

    She really is SOO adorable. Beautiful features.

    Sounds like it was a good month! We're in month 9, now, and it's definitely my favorite so far.

  2. Thanks Colleen! Yeah I hear they just get more and more awesome from this point forward. :D

  3. Ahhh we call that Kian's "cheeky face" :) It's funny how all babies start making that face without anyone doing it to them. What a cutie!! Let's definitely get together sometime soon for a play date.

  4. @GS - for sure! Let's figure something out on FB.