Friday, June 3, 2011

"S" @ 6 months: On a Roll!

So this was weird. Months 1-5 flew by so quickly, but month 6 positively DRAGGED on. I thought it would never end.

...As if! I just felt like finding a not-so-cliched way of saying the cliched "WOW! Where did the time go?!" :) On that note, let's dive into Month 6!

S's latest appointment and vaccination took place last Wednesday, May 25th - one day past her 6-month birthday. She handled the shot like a TRUE champ; just a tiny whimper - not even a cry! That's our girl! Growth-wise, she has gained in both weight and height but has slowed down a little bit. 13 lb 15.5 oz (up about 5 1/2 oz from last month) and 25.5 inches (only up 1/2 an inch since her 4-month appointment). Curve-wise, she's at around the 25th percentile in weight and just under the 50th percentile in height. She's a little peanut, but definitely still in the healthy range!

Here is her official 6-month photo:

Yeah, she's kinda wearing grampa pants in this one, but she's comfy dammit!

Take a look at her up-to-date month-to-month album here!

Lots of big milestones and changes this month! For starters, she FINALLY mastered the fine art of rolling from her stomach onto her back, following a good 2 months or so of rolling in the other direction and getting stuck. Now she flip-flops around every which way, and sometimes gets a good barrel roll going! Definitely no more brief, unattended moments on the bed or the change table starting this month! She has also really started rockin' the mini pushups and is working on a move akin to downward-facing dog. Baby yoga continues to pay dividends!

She is also now able to sit up. OK, mostly. She still gets a little unstable from time to time, as evidenced by the following photo:

(I felt pretty bad as that lovely smile quickly turned into a grump once she'd clonked over on her side. Oops!!)

Her strength and coordination continued to improve this month as well. Following a couple weeks of Chris and I mulling over whether or not she could work herself out of her Bumbo chair, she finally settled that debate with one super-determined back arch! Luckily Chris was right there, and since then the tray is always firmly in place!

Speaking of the Bumbo tray, we've taken to suctioning her Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze on there, and this keeps her entertained for a good 8-10 minutes at a time! She likes to spin the bottom beads, and she is learning to push the main beads up and over to the other side. Great little toy!

Near the end of the month it would seem she suddenly went from being the strong, silent type to having an opinion on everything - and SHARING it! Buhs and gahs and AHHHHHHs and ARLLLLLLLLLAAAAAS galore! Daddy really has her going here:

Finally, the biggest and most exciting milestone of them all: starting solids! If you've kept up with my blog recently, you may have read that we first tried some home-made rice cereal (lukewarm reception) and then switched gears and offered her pears (not a fan). Next, we gave peas a whirl and she booed these off the stage too. We concluded that she doesn't like anything that starts with "pea". :) At the very end of the month, we decided to go back to grains but moved to oats, as we didn't want to gum her up further given her continued infrequent bowel habits. And guess what? They were a hit!

Lots more culinary excitement to come in Month 7!

Oh yeah - one more thing worth mentioning (well, repeating) here. A few weeks back, S was coughing a lot so we took her to the doctor who thought she might have asthma. Since then, we've used the inhalers on and off and she's much better now. Poor Lucy has been relegated to the basement, however, until we can find a loving new home for her. :( But that's another story.

Overall, Month 6 was an exciting and happy month, so let's end on that note, shall we?

"WHEEE! My Daddy is the COOLEST!"


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