Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorable Monday 6/6

Haven't done one of these in awhile. In the absense of a Menu Plan Monday post (just got back from a mini-vacation tonight) I thought this was a good time to get back in the saddle!

Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Over and Done (Dirty Diaper Laundry) - If you're a cloth diapering parent, you may have heard of this challenge (and possibly even participated). The main purpose was to demonstrate that just about ANYONE can cloth diaper as it can be done on an extremely tight budget and without conveniences such as a washer/dryer and diaper sprayer. I didn't take part myself, but I followed along with the accomplishments and struggles of other parents participating in the challenge. Kim Rosas (the mastermind behind the FaHC) provides a terrific postmortem here, along with links to conclusions from other participants.

The Opulent Ability to Give (Simple Mom) - Discusses the benefits of living within one's (financial) means via a poignant account of a Filipino family living in acute poverty. This article is written by one of several "Compassion Bloggers" who recently visited the Phillipines representing Compassion International, an organization which partners with bloggers to help release children from poverty.

There Will Never Be Another Moment Like This (Connected Mom) - A touching reminder of the importance of living in the present and cherishing every moment!

Preparing a 72 Hour Kit with Kids in Mind (Job Description: Mommy) - A helpful "starter list" of items (including those specific to babies/kids) that would be helpful to have in a kit in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.

5 Strategies for Preparing for a Great Garage Sale (Simple Organic) - 'tis the season, so great timing on this one!


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