Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Memorable Menu Plan Monday 6/27

I've decided to continue combining Memorable Monday and Menu Plan Monday. Why not? :)



This week's menu theme - simplicity and BBQ! Similar to last week, I'm only actually cooking 2-3 meals myself. Chris will be BBQing the other ones. :) He's been asking me to incorporate BBQ'd meals into my menu planning so here y'go, hubs!

Friday we're hosting a Canada Day BBQ at our place and either Wednesday or Thursday night we may be having friends over for another one (unconfirmed).

BBQ'd chicken from Sobey's
Spinach tortellini with home-made alfredo sauce with broccoli

Chicken noodle soup made from Monday's leftover chicken, onions, carrots, celery & macaroni. (I LOOOVE home-made chicken noodle soup. Chris says it isn't really a Summer meal and most people would probably agree, but I can personally eat it whenever and I can't bring myself to throw out a bird carcass without making a soup! Such wastage!)

Maybe a BBQ? If not, I'll cook something from the pantry or cop out and do a frozen pizza or sumpin. :)

See Wednesday. :)

BBQ - probably hamburgers & hotdogs. Maybe some snausages too. *nods*
Salad, taters, veggies and mushrooms on the side. 

Sunday we're in Kincardine at a picnic with Chris' extended family. Saturday - dunno. Maybe treat ourselves to dinner out!


  • Best. Reaction. Ever. from The Blonde Critic. So sweet and funny - you've gotta check this one out!
  • Who's up for "no-pooing" by Good Girl Gone Green. This isn't what it sounds like, heh. It's about why we might want to consider no longer using shampoo to wash our hair, and how to wean ourselves off . My good friend's husband does this and he has a super-thick, healthy looking head of hair. I might give it a whirl myself! (Now's a good time with cottaging coming up!)
  • Funny Parenting Quotes by Mama B. My favourite: “In general my children refuse to eat anything that hasn’t danced on television.”
  • The Power Behind Date Nights by Simple Mom. Good tips on why & how to regularly "date" your spouse, post-kiddos. 
  • 80 Uses for Coconut Oil by Hybrid Rasta Mama. I can't wait to try some of these (and write about my experiences) when I receive the coconut oil I won from Tropical Traditions!
  • How to "Go Green" When Eating Out by Simple Organic. I'd never thought of bringing my own reusable take-out container to a restaurant before reading this, but I'm going to start! Why not? Such a simple way to cut down on some waste!
  • And finally, two articles which really spoke to my inner demons, if you will. :) What Motivates You by Live Renewed and Am I Normal? Wait, don't Answer That... by This Mom Loves.

So what are you cooking up and reading this week? :)


  1. Hey,
    Thanks for including my link. I'm glad it spoke to you! Friday is cleanout day, and I can't wait!
    I love your realistic menu plan. I could get on board with that kind of cooking!
    Kate @ This Mom Loves

  2. Good luck, Kate! That'll feel good once it's tackled, huh? :)