Thursday, June 16, 2011

Solids Update - Orange is Good and Green is Bad!

It's been over a month since we first introduced S to solids, so I thought I'd do a li'l update on how she's progressed since then! She's definitely making it clear which foods she hearts, and which we can scrape right into the toilet, TYVM. That said, it seems like this can change over time (as evidenced by her reaction to bananas, for one thing) so there's still hope for those green veggies!

On a related note, we haven't experimented any further with baby-led weaning since broccoli day. Time constraints and anxiety over the prospect of choking (merited or not) are the culprits here. I'd like to incorporate more of this, however, as I think it's really good for her development to be able to explore food fully on her own. But I think I'll have Chris there with me next time just in case something does go awry!

Here's a food introduction timeline so far:
  • May 5 - Rice cereal (home-made, kinda liked)
  • May 11-12 - Pear (home-made puree, disliked)
  • Week of May 15th - Peas (home-made puree, disliked)
  • Week of May 15th - Oatmeal cereal (home-made, kinda liked)
  • Week of May 15th - Rice cracker (store-bought, liked)
  • Week of May 22nd - Prunes (store-bought puree, liked) 
  • Week of May 22nd - Avocado (home-made mash, disliked) 
  • Week of May 29th - My Organic Baby oatmeal cereal (bought, liked)
  • Week of May 29th - Steamed broccoli (BLW, kinda liked)
  • June 7 - Sweet potato (home-made puree, liked)
  • June 9 - Banana take 2 (home-made mash, disliked)
  • June 12 - Carrots (home-made puree, liked)
  • June 15 - Banana (home-made mash, liked)
  • June 16 - Spinach (home-made puree, disliked)
Next on the radar - peas, avocado and pear take 2, beans, peaches and possibly another grain such as barley. We're going to hold off on meats for a little while yet!


  1. You are right - we have very similar parenting styles :o) Thanks for stopping by little miss kate - I have added your button to my blog (the code for mine in on the blog if you would like to do the same, but no pressure).

    My little guy is a pretty good eater, and we do some BLW too - I know it takes a leap of faith to get over the risk of choking. One that my DS likes is cooked carrots cut into little pieces. We also started whole wheat toast pretty early on.

  2. Just starting my 6mo on solids. Yesterday was the first day--homemade rice cereal. She was so excited to be offered something off a spoon! In fact, she grabbed the spoon and fed herself!

  3. @Little Miss Kate - thanks for adding my button! I've added yours back. Was just reading some of your posts, including the one about life in the NICU. I'm so glad to see how far your little guy has come!

    @Jena - awww! Our DD did that as well. Isn't it great to see how excited they are to finally get to taste REAL FOOD? :D

  4. Third feeding tonight and she's been eating every bite with the same enthusiasm. I think she wonders when it'll get interesting, like the foods daddy lets her suck on (which so far include lemon, onion, orange, spinach, mango, apple). Next on the list is sweet potato.